Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ca va?

Ca va, mon cher?
Tu trouves un peu ta place
Dans ce monde extra-terrestre?
Loin, perdu, je t'ai vu tout nu..

from "Entendu"

[How are you my dear,
Are you finding your place
In this outerwordly world
Far, lost, I've seen you all naked]

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Edie said...

By Anne Venit from Belgium: [she tried to post and it wouldn't let her, so she sent it to me to post]

"I found this song. This song found me. I've been listening to it so much. So many things carved on it. Thank you, these things happen thanks to songs. Everything happens thanks to music. Music is my home, it is official now.

I'm currently listening to "Glide" now, it plays randomnly on my i-pod. Funny coincidence.

I was outside in the garden, gloomy sky, a perfect day filled with poetry, as I like them best.

Maybe you would be interested to know what happened for me on "Entendu" because I've traveled a lot with this song, or songs in general. So, "Entendu". I'm not sure exactly, but I think that at the exact time I listened to this song on my i-pod, I was sitting on stairs in front of this church in Florence, Santo Spirito it is called. The most beautiful place on earth. I was waiting for something to happen, I don't know what exactly. But I found it at last... I found "le roi perdu". ("trop souvent caché de vue...", "Crois-y à ces voix", "entre humain" "entre âme".)

"Childhood without a youth" is also among my favourite. A that I lived onto. It is so wonderful when you listen to music, and your own experience kind of carves itself on the words, the melodies, the voice. it is extremely powerful. I sent the lyrics of this song to all my friends, I chose it to accompany one of my emails. I don't know if they read it. It was just amazing how this song fitted my world, the world I was lost in then. Or the world that I had found then. Especially the words "you're human", or "I'd like to let you know that I send you all my love". And "It's gonna take a long long time she said"...

I met this woman at Santo Spirito. She's a poor woman, people will call her a beggar, I guess she is, to me she's just le roi perdu. She looks like a buddhist really, she's got such a huge halo. I couldn't help talking to her, the attraction was too strong. It broke my heart. This story broke my heart. The last time I saw her, I thought of this song. The words "You're human" sang in my head... and that one thing about sending all your love.

Anyways. Sorry for that blurry comment. Perhaps it's far too long.
Thank you for the music. Believe it or not, I have times when I feel it very strongly, it is difficult to explain. Perhaps I'm spoiling it all by applying my own stories to it, but then again, that's what magical about art, I think ; the people who receive it will see their own stories within it. And experience a feeling of very strong unity with the music.


Anne E. Venit

P.S. : I love your paintings as well.

P.P.S. : As soon as I find a job and some money, I'll think about keeping track of your new musical work. I've felt so uplifted by your previous records, Shades and Nu ...