Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hanging Todd's Lava art at Portland Brew

Saturday August 4th my friend Todd Cecil is having an art show opening at Portland Brew in Nashville. Last night we hung his paintings, which he calls "lava-art" strange and beautiful swirls of colour within another colour.
I will take some more shots at the opening on Saturday to show this. Or visit his site for a preview.
Here's some pictures from the hanging!
Saturday at 7 pm at Portland Brew, 3431 Murphy Road, Nashville

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ayjey said...

Lookin good! God don't you love the color of those walls? I had orange walls once. And judging from her expression your friend in the lower pic is a bit concerned about you and the hammer!
hey look, it recognizes me as a blogger person...gawd I have not used that account in 4 years!
YEA Edie-so you need to start a blog about fan art too, I did your portrait..I'll send it to you.
;) J