Monday, October 29, 2007

As good as it gets

I have [finally...! my excuses] put up a new song.
This one is from my second album "NU", it was inspired by a wonderful trip I made years ago with a good friend. We biked from Amsterdam to Texel [an island of the Dutch shore, all the way up north]
After it was written -now- i feel like it still holds meaning. You can apply the words to many situations i think.
Feel free to download it for free or for whatever you'd like to contribute.
Here's also a little sneakpeak from the latest photoshoot I've done with Heidi Ross: More to come soon!


Anonymous said...

Look forward to more of these great photos. I think I told you on MySpace, but someone at Mick's Music and Bar in Omaha likes your music (I believe it is Holli, the barmaid), because you music does get played there from time to time.

You are still and inspiration to me.

Dan (aka. That Dan Guy)

Erwin Troost said...

I Love this song. You were much wave then. If you know what I men.

Erwin Troost again said...


je nichtje said...

hey E,
wat een lekker liedje!!!!
Mail je ook nog wel even later, want wil ook even weten hoe het gaat met je kinderboeken enzo!
Liefs Lotte